Lichfield Young Farmers

About Lichfield YFC!

Lichfield Young Farmers club is for anyone aged 14 to 27 with an interest in the outdoors (you don't have to be a farmer!!)

At the moment we have 30 members ranging from the ages of 11 to 24, and we are looking to welcome new members over the age of 14!

 The club is ran by a team of members who organise the programme and run the meetings.

Where and when do Lichfield YFC meet?

We meet on Mondays, usually 8pm in Whittington, but we often go on trips and visits! 

 What can you do at Lichfield YFC?

Anything you want! If you have a good idea for an activity, fund raiser or competition, you can let us know and we can make it happen!

Here are a few of the club meets we have had: Ice skating, raft racing, bowling, games nights, quiz nights, farm tours, carol singing, BBQ's and many more!!

 What has Staffordshire YFC got to offer?

Staffordshire Young Farmers is made up of 10 different clubs around the county, one being Lichfield!

They offer loads of competitions like: darts, stock judging, pool, silage judging, hockey, football, cookery, floral art, art, photography, craft, quiz's, fence building, go-karting, dodge ball, volley ball, shooting, raft racing, float building... and so many more.

 It's great to get involved in all of the competitions, also the social events that Staffordshire county offer like: loads of discos during the year, around 4 black tie balls and many socials with other clubs!


So... for £30 a year, Lichfield and Staffordshire have so much to offer to members!