Lichfield Young Farmers



Once upon a time in a small city called Lichfield there was a group of 30 young farmers who reformed the club in November 2009.


In our 1st year we have achieved a great deal… our 1st competition of the year was bowling, when one of our teams came 3rd. One of our nervous little young farmers, 14 year old Lotti Britland came 4th in her very 1st public speaking competition, she was part of a team which came 2nd.

One rainy May day 15 Lichfield young farmers took a trip to the Staffordshire rally, they didn’t know what to expect, but did really well and managed to get placed in a few competitions. Sam Shaw and Henry Robinson won the junior farm safety competition, Lotti Britland came 2nd with her flower arrangement and Frances Wright came 2nd with her photography.

Lichfield young farmers decided we would show off some of our talented members by entering Ben Worrallo and Andrew Hawksworth into the Staffordshire young farmers got talent, and they sang and played their way into 3rd place.

One morning in July after a young farmers disco 3 very tired Lichfield young farmers travelled down to Worcestershire for the Three Counties Show, where Ellie came 1st in horse stock judging.


In their 1st year Lichfield raised money for The Riding for the Disabled Assosiation and Cancer Research UK by showing off their wonderful carol singing voices.


Throughout the year Lichfield young farmers have all become really good friends and have shared some amazing memorable moments.

We’ve had team building games nights, where we made a young farmers human pyramid which ended up in a pile on the floor!

Members got lost on a scavenger hunt with Claud, Frances and Lotti’s hand drawn maps!

Everyone got a bit excited on the bouncy castle at one of our fun nights and tipped it over!

A lot of the older members have enjoyed all of the discos and balls that they have been to this year, the most recent disco was St. Trinians, where 12 of our members had great fun dressing up and camping in the rain after.

In a panicked rush the next morning and with a few sore heads, we had to get up and prepare for advertising our club at Gentleshaw village fair. Unfortunately there weren’t many people at the fair, so the members decided to eat the fund raising game (it was edible, don’t worry!!).

Cheadle tried to slow us down in the raft race and Ellie got angry, which resulted in a very sore head for the Cheadle member!


At the moment Lichfield young farmers has 30 members from the ages of 11 to 25. We do a variety of activities, such as: ice skating, farm walks, games nights, socials with other clubs, we have interesting speakers on lots of subjects, bowling, sports practice, and many more!

We look forward to welcoming any new members who want to join a friendly and fun loving club.